Chevrolet Helps Bring Old Enemies Together — Forever


In the spring of 2012, Chevrolet made a global commitment to football by becoming the official automotive partner of both clubs, putting fans at the center of this exciting partnership and focusing on connecting fans and playing football around the world through the ChevroletFC social platform.

«Chevrolet understands the passion of each team’s fans and believes this exciting historic collision can be celebrated in a way that helps others,» said Alan Baty, VP of Sales, Service and Global Marketing, the two clubs have launched a unique communications mix called Driven by Each Other, focused on the shared values of the two teams.

“The campaign brings together the very best of both teams and we are proud to be able to support them. A series of interviews with players and legends from both clubs showed that, no matter the competition, there is a deep mutual respect in this historic clash,” Baty said.

Fans will be treated to a truly exceptional spectacle in front of Old Trafford. All entrances, the entire outer glass side of the East Stand, as well as the parking area, will be marked with red banners featuring the colors of each of the cubes, as well as materials representing the Chevrolet lineup.

The unifying theme of “Driven by each other” will be best demonstrated at halftime when Chevrolet will introduce its One World Futbol sponsorship to fans at the stadium.

A child and a legendary player from the Manchester United foundation will compete in a penalty shoot-out and showcase their skills on the magnificent Old Trafford pitch with the help of virtually indestructible One World Futbols. Together with Chevrolet, the foundation will help donate One World Futbols to eligible organizations.

Chevrolet has become the main sponsor of the One World Futbol project, the creators of One World Futbol (OWF), a virtually indestructible soccer ball that can be played in all conditions and can outlive hundreds of regular balls. The mission of the project is to use football as a platform for conflict resolution, teach tolerance, help children recover from trauma and build communities.

Chevrolet is committed to donating 1.5 million OWF footballs to underprivileged children around the world over the next three years. By the end of January 2013, more than 100,000 soccer balls will be sent to war-torn and impoverished countries such as Indonesia, Liberia and Malawi.

Social media will play an important role in showcasing Chevrolet’s commitment to the global football community. Fans will be able to take part in various online games and competitions, take a virtual photo with the team on the bench at Old Trafford and share their results “live from the stadium”.

Thanks to the introduction of 3D photo playback technology, which is being launched with this match, fans will be able to tag themselves and their friends in a panoramic photo of the stadium, search for «keys» and prizes, and participate in various games on match days.

In the center you can see a video in which players express their pride in playing for two of the greatest clubs in the world.

Another element of the campaign is a series of web videos showcasing the core principles of the Great North West Derby — mutual respect, unity, shared values, success and the excitement of the competition — all positive from every team. You can also see the losses and hard times that made the cubes what they are today.

All videos feature players, coaches and legends leading two great teams. These materials will be featured on Chevrolet’s social platforms YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as the Chevrolet F website.