How to choose the right name


From early childhood throughout our life we ​​have not heard a single word as often as our own name. It consists of a set of sounds of various heights that excite certain parts of the brain, thus exerting an effect on its carrier, as well as on the people around it.

Some names sound firm, harsh: Igor, Dmitry, Anatoly, Zhanna, Dina, Ekaterina, Daria, etc. Under the influence of a sound stimulus in children with such names, a persistent, stubborn character is formed. They are independent and decisive.

Owners of soft-sounding names: Svetlana, Irina, Vera, Natalya, Mikhail, Sergey, Alexey, Ilya, Vasily, etc. — usually have a calm, flexible character.

There are neutral names, as if intermediate between hard and soft,: Artem, Arkady, Andrey, Alexander, Valentin, Vitaliy, Roman, Pavel, Olga, Anna, Anastasia, Zoya, Lyudmila, Lyubov, etc. As a rule, such people are balanced, reasonable, moderately persistent.

The name must be chosen so that it is easy to pronounce, well pronounced both by itself and together with the middle name.

If the name ends with a consonant sound, and the middle name begins with it, and even in the first name and patronymic there are many consonants — Alexander Dmitrievich, Eduard Dmitrievich — the sound is difficult. Either the name or patronymic is often distorted, and a person anxiously waits for what they call him this time.

Do not call children the names of deceased relatives, especially those who died tragically.

No need to give names in honor of grandparents. The child inherits a certain share of characteristic features, and, as you know, the bad is transmitted more easily.

Do not call children unpronounceable names or in honor of any significant events and people (Revolution, Aurora, Stalin, etc.), so as not to complicate their life in the future.

Do not give children the names of the heroes of your favorite television series, famous writers or prominent scientists — especially if the middle name and surname match. Imagine that in the family of engineer Nikolai Tolstoy, the son was named Leo in honor of the writer. At school, the boy was not given literature and the Russian language, and he became the object of ridicule from peers. As a result, the child received a serious psychological trauma and stopped going to school. Parents hardly managed to rectify the situation by transferring it to another class.

Sons should not be called after the father: Nikolai Nikolaevich, etc. — The owners of such names grow unbalanced, nervous, irritable, moody. The girl also should not be called the name of the mother — it will be difficult for them to find a common language.


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