Peugeot 308 GTi: A car for the soul


A car that you can take the whole family out of town for the weekend, or a car that can hit the slopes and get the most out of it. A car that spends moderately, or a car that drives very hard. A car bought on the mind, or a car bought on impulse. All this and much more is connected with the new Peugeot 308 GTi, not because the eco-model contrasts, but because the boundaries between them are so close that they are so close that they merge with each other.

The Peugeot 308 GTi is a car that anyone who likes to get an adrenaline rush should experience — whether driving or just as a passenger. This is a car for the soul that can satisfy the “hunger” for road dynamics for weeks ahead for 5-6 km of driving, and also one that can make you completely addicted to yourself and just become your “slave”. Looking for your company at any convenient time. We again contrast and again assembled in one machine.

For the successful combination of all these signal-incompatible parameters in the 308 GTi, the main role is played by the excellent base offered by the standard version of the 308 model, the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit integrated on-board system, improved multimedia capabilities, comfort and functionality.

However, with the new version of the Peugeot 308 GTi, the French brand’s designers and engineers, including those from its racing division, Peugeot Sport, have taken a few extra steps forward, and the end result is truly impressive. Sports suspension that brings the car closer to the road a little more than a centimeter, a unique front rear bumper, an impressive integrated rear bumper diffuser with two tailpipes, elegant 19-inch wheels with Michelin PilotSuper Sport tires, differentials with sport slip reduction, Torsen and Sport, Torsen, 380mm front brake discs that do a phenomenal job… All this and more is standard on the 308 GTi.

To be honest, I would easily replace almost all of the above items as long as the situation under the hood remains the same, because this is the true beauty of the 308 GTi.

During two days of testing the car, several people asked me what kind of engine the car had. The afterword to «Mi 1.6 is» was accompanied by a few condescending smiles, which, however, abruptly changed the expression «Oooh» when I continued talking about «turbo, 270 horsepower.» The facial expression and general behavior of one of the passengers, who expressed a desire to go with me, changed dramatically. Points to it.

The Peygeot 308 GTi Sport mode, which is manually activated via a button on the center console behind the gearbox, plays a major role in bringing the rising event to fruition. When activated, the first thing that makes an impression is the switch to instrument lighting, an extended red instrument panel, as well as a complete change in the sound of the car’s engine that is fed into the cabin. This becomes a bass and interesting note in the overall impression. The other and more important change that occurs when sport mode is activated is the vehicle’s switch to a noticeably sportier mode with firmer and more direct handling and an optimized e-motor mode. Block.

The Peugeot 308 GTi has come a long way. Really a lot. But here is a very interesting contrast feature. Thanks to the sports suspension and dynamic engine, combined with sports seats, an extremely comfortable and compact steering wheel, a short gear lever and a step-by-step manual transmission, at first it seems that you are going much faster. what you really are. Realizing this, you understand that the car gives you a serious push to swim, which can be properly controlled both on the straight and on fast turns. In both cases, the 308 GTi inspires serious confidence, safely stepping and following the road, and feedback through the steering wheel is a great indicator of the driver’s actions.

Against the backdrop of all this walking and the sheer driving pleasure of the Peugeot 308 GTi, it seems inappropriate to comment on fuel consumption … But we do it anyway, because here we have a contrast. When driving the car on the highway according to Bulgarian laws, the sports hatchback demonstrates the ability to overcome 100 kilometers with a consumption of only 6.6 liters per 100 kilometers (control reading 66 kilometers, average speed 124 km / h). In the combined steering mode, including about 20% in the «hold a beer and watch what I do» mode, fuel consumption reached 8 liters per 100 km of track.